Scottish coffee, learn to prepare this drink with alcohol and ice cream step by step

Scottish coffee is a hot cocktail based on coffee, whiskey and vanilla ice cream. It is very easy to prepare because its preparation only consists of putting together all the ingredients and that’s it. It is impossible not to stop thinking about the much better known Irish coffee, which is very similar but instead of ice cream it has whipped cream.

For the most purists, this drink must be prepared with scotch whiskey to respect the original recipe. If you have it, great, use it and you will be respecting the traditional recipe. In the text we leave you the standard measure, but if you like a bit more or less loaded, you can adapt it to your tastes, as long as it is in moderation. About coffee, a double espresso is the recommended option. You will be able to decide whether to sweeten it or not, since by bringing ice cream that is also sweet it may be enough for many palates.

Scottish coffee cocktail seen from aboveDamian Serrano

On the other hand, you may have seen that Scottish coffee is sometimes also served with whipped cream, as a combination of Irish and Scottish. However, this is an addition that if you like, you can also do it, but it does not fall within what the recipe itself would be, although here we recognize that it is very good, as is changing the vanilla ice cream for cream ice cream . We leave it there…

As an additional note, we give you a very cool idea in case you want to show off when you present it without it costing you any effort. Tea We suggest that you decorate it with a small waffle and some crocanti sprinkles on top of the ice cream It costs nothing and as you can see in the photos it is very successful. If we had had a Scottish biscuit, we would have put it instead of the waffle, to stay more within the theme. Other options to make this cocktail even sweeter would be to garnish it with a bit of liquid caramel with which it is also very tasty.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • total time: 5 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drinks
    • type of cuisine: international
    • Calories per serving (kcal):271

Scotch coffee ingredients for 1 person

For the scotch coffee:

    • 40ml whiskey (preferably Scotch)
    • 120 ml freshly brewed espresso (2 small cups)
    • 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar or the equivalent in your favorite sweetener (optional)
    • 2 small or 1 large scoops of vanilla ice cream (60 g)

To decorate (optional):

    • ½ teaspoon of almond or hazelnut crocanti
    • 1 wafer or 1 Scottish biscuit
Scotch coffee cocktail ingredientsDamian Serrano

how to make scotch coffee

We begin the preparation of the Scottish coffee by choosing where we are going to present it. As the most common options you have a wide cup or cocktail glasses such as a balloon glass or a glass on the rocks. The first thing we will do is serve 40 ml of whiskey and, if possible, we will choose a good Scotch. You can decrease or increase the amount in moderation to taste.

Serve the scotch coffee whiskeyDamian Serrano

Then we added the coffee. In this case, what is recommended is a good, freshly made double espresso that amounts to about 120 ml of coffee. If you like it weaker or you prefer filter coffee, they are also valid options.

Incorporate coffee into Scotch coffeeDamian Serrano

Now it’s time to decide if we sweeten the coffee or not. If we want it with sugar, a conventional measure of 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar, depending on taste, would be acceptable. It goes without saying that you can replace sugar with its equivalent in another kind of sweetener of your choice.

sweeten scotch coffeeDamian Serrano

Finally, we only have to crown our cocktail with 2 small scoops of vanilla ice cream or 1 large one, more or less 60 g of ice cream would be fine.

Add ice cream to scotch coffeeDamian Serrano

As we mentioned in the introduction, after putting the ice cream on it, the cocktail would already be ready to serve but we can improve the presentation with a little almond or hazelnut crocanti sprinkled on top of the ice cream and 1 waffle or, even, to keep the theme of the region, a Scottish biscuit. We serve the Scotch coffee immediately.

Scotch Coffee Presentation SuggestionDamian Serrano

Easy preparation summary

    1. In a glass or cup, add the whiskey
    1. Then add the coffee
    1. sweeten to taste
    1. Finally, add the ice cream and that’s it.
    1. Decorate with crocanti and waffle or biscuit if desired