Irish coffee how to make it easily step by step

Irish coffee how to make it. The best thing about this Irish coffee is that we can prepare it at home without the need for any special skills or utensils. We just need to mix a couple of ingredients and want to enjoy a delicious drink.

It is said that this cocktail was invented in the fifties in an airport in Ireland by an Irish cook. From Ireland he traveled to the United States to the Bella Vista Café restaurant, where he became popular.

To make the Irish coffee cocktail, we have made a jug of coffee that is not too strong, but you can adapt it to your liking and make it stronger. It also has brown sugar and lightly whipped cream. However, the star ingredient of this cocktail is whiskeywhich must be Irish, barley-fermented and unmalted.

You can drink the freshly prepared Irish coffee but if you leave it in the fridge, this cocktail wins and is ideal to drink also on hot days.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • total time: 5 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drink
    • type of cuisine: irish
    • Calories per serving (kcal):210

Irish coffee ingredients per person

    • 30 ml whipping cream (or spray cream)
    • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
    • 40ml Irish whiskey
    • 80 ml of hot coffee
    • Ground coffee to decorate

Irish coffee cocktail ingredientssofia de la torre

how to make irish coffee

We beat with a few rods 30 ml of whipping cream, for each coffee that we are going to prepare. We will leave it only slightly beaten, until it begins to foam. Another option is to use spray cream, for a much faster version. In this case, we will add it directly to the coffee.

whip cream irish coffee cocktailsofia de la torre

Prepare an appropriate glass for coffee and put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar at its base.

put sugar irish coffee cocktailsofia de la torre

We then pour 40 ml of Irish whiskey.

Pouring whiskey irish coffee cocktailsofia de la torre

The next thing is to pour 80 ml of hot coffee. The coffee needs to be hot to be able to dissolve the sugar and whiskey in it before covering them with the cream.

Put coffee irish coffee cocktailsofia de la torre

Finally, we cover the drink with the whipped cream, being careful so that the cream does not mix with the coffee with whiskey. If we use spray cream, we will add it directly at this point.

Irish coffee cocktail whipped creamsofia de la torre

We serve the Irish coffee decorated with a little ground coffee on top of the cream. It is delicious freshly made, when it is still hot, but if you take it to the fridge a couple of hours before eating it, it is even better.

Irish coffee cocktail close upsofia de la torre

Easy preparation summary

    1. We beat the cream
    1. We put the brown sugar in the glass
    1. We add the whiskey
    1. Pour the coffee and mix
    1. We cover with the cream
    1. We finished sprinkling ground coffee to decorate