Homemade peach popsicles

It’s time to freshen up and eat homemade peach popsicles! Although many times we deprive ourselves of them due to the large amounts of sugar they contain. For this reason, with these healthy peach popsicles you will not have to deprive yourself of eating ice cream when you feel like it the most, since they are made no added sugaronly with natural fruit.

In addition, for its preparation we do not need refrigerators or instruments that we do not have at home, we just need a mold for popsicles and eager to refresh ourselves with our own homemade poles.

The only ingredient in these popsicles is peach or peach, a sweet, soft and very showy fruit. It is preferable choosing ripe peaches because the flavor will be much more intense and that will be reflected in the final result of the peach popsicles. Let’s go for the recipe!

Taking a bite of a peach lolly

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • total time: 5 minutes (plus about 4 hours of freezing)
    • rations: 8 units
    • Category: dessert
    • Guy of kitchen: international
    • calories per serving (kcal):49

Ingredients for peach popsicles for 8 people

Peach Popsicle Ingredients

Necessary utensils

How to make peach popsicles

To begin with, we wash and peel 6 peaches, and remove the bone. Cut half of one of them into small cubes and reserve them. We will use these pieces of fruit to give texture to our popsicles.

Chopping a peach to make the peach popsiclesWe crush the rest of the peaches. If we see that the result is very thick, we can add a little water, although in principle it is not necessary. We introduce a little of this crushed peach in each of the molds

Crushing peaches and putting it in the molds to continue making the peach popsicles

Next, we add to each mold a few pieces of the peach that we had reserved.

Placing pieces of peach in the molds to continue making the peach popsiclesWe add back to each crushed peach mold. We place the sticks of our poles and take them to the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours.

Covering the molds with crushed peach to continue making the peach popsiclesAfter this time, we take the popsicles out of the freezer and all that remains is to enjoy our homemade fruit popsicles.

Frozen peach popsicles

Easy preparation summary

    1. Dice half a peach
    1. Crush the rest of the peaches and put a little of the crushed in each mold
    1. We introduce some pieces of peach in cubes in each mold
    1. We pour crushed peach again, place the sticks and freeze the lollies for 4 hours
    1. We take the poles out of the freezer and enjoy them