Manhattan cocktail how to prepare this great classic

Manhattan cocktail how to prepare this great classic. The origins of the Manhattan have been lost in time. In the 1930s and 1940s with the splendor of Hollywood cinema, it became a famous, manly and cosmopolitan drink, seeing in the movies some of the most important actors of the time in roles of mobsters, executives or Casanovas drinking it. . But it wasn’t until Marilyn Monroe, when her character in Whit skirts and being crazy He came up with the idea of ​​making a Manhattan in a hot water bottle, when this cocktail became very popular. Today it is international and is mainly consumed as an aperitif. Originally this recipe is made with a Rye whiskey but this time we will make it with a bourbon for its sweet notes.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 4 minutes
    • total time: 4 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drinks
    • Type of cocktail bar: American, International
    • calories: 210 kcal per glass

Manhattan ingredients for 1 person

    • 5cl of bourbon
    • 2 cl of red vermouth
    • 1 stroke of narrowness

manhattan cocktail ingredientsDavid Hidalgo

How to do the Manhattan

We fill a “Martini glass” with ice and water, so that it cools.

We cool the martini glass with ice and waterDavid Hidalgo

We put enough ice in a mixing glass.

Add ice to the mixing glassDavid Hidalgo

We start with 1 stroke of Angostura.

We serve Angostura a blowDavid Hidalgo

Using a jigger, we add the 5 cl of bourbon.

We pour the bourbon with the help of the jiggerDavid Hidalgo

Add 2 cl of rosso vermouth.

We pour with the help of the jigger the vermouth RossoDavid Hidalgo

Next, we stir for 10 seconds.

Mix all the ingredients in the mixing glassDavid Hidalgo

When everything is mixed, we remove the ice and water from the Martini glass.

Remove the water and ice from the martini glassDavid Hidalgo

With the help of the strainer, we serve the mixture in the glass.

We serve the mixture in the martini glassDavid Hidalgo

Flavor with a twist of orange.

Flavor with a twist of orangeDavid Hidalgo

Finally, we put two cherries to decorate the cocktail.

We place two cherries to decorateDavid Hidalgo

Easy preparation summary

    1. Fill the mixing glass and the martini glass with ice
    1. We add with the help of the bourbon jigger, vermouth rosso and a shot of Angostura
    1. Stir the ingredients for 10 seconds
    1. We serve the mixture in the martini glass without ice
    1. Flavor with a twist of orange
    1. Decorate with two cherries
Photo of the finished cocktailDavid Hidalgo