How to prepare homemade granola, a healthy breakfast

Today we have various variants of this traditional homemade granola, some even considered junk food due to the amount of sugar they contain. But the best alternative is make our own homemade granola, something really fast and simple. In addition, we have the great advantage that we can put those ingredients that we have, or that best fit our tastes and food needs. With our homemade granola we will have the perfect breakfast for the whole family due to its speed, since we only have to add milk or yogurt, but above all because it allows us to start the day full of good energy.

Homemade ready-to-eat

The recipe that we propose here is a basic recipe, which you can change and adapt to your tastes by sweetening it more or less, changing the seeds and fruits, adding chocolate or flavoring it with your favorite spices.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 20 minutes
    • Cooking time: 15 minutes
    • total time: 35 minutes
    • rations:6
    • Category: breakfast
    • type of cuisine: international
    • calories: 478 kcal per 100 g

Ingredients for homemade granola for 6 people

    • 200 g oat flakes
    • 70g hazelnuts
    • 30g maple syrup
    • 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds
    • 50 g of sunflower seeds
    • 50g pumpkin seeds
    • 30 g light olive oil
    • Salt
    • Cinnamon
    • Nutmeg
    • Dehydrated cranberries
    • 30 g coconut flakes

homemade granola

How to make homemade granola

We weigh and measure the ingredients of our recipe and chop the nuts.

chopping the

We turn on the oven and put it at 180 ºC so that it warms up while we prepare the mixture for our homemade granola. In a bowl we will put the oat flakes and we will add the rest of the dry ingredients and the seeds.

add the seeds to the oat

Season the mixture with cinnamon and nutmeg.

add the spices to the homemade

Stir with a spoon until everything is well mixed. Finally we will add the honey and oil.

add the honey and oil to the homemade

When we have all the ingredients in the bowl, we will mix them well so that everything is impregnated and the oil and honey are evenly distributed.

Stir in the granola until

Transfer the mixture to a baking tray previously lined with paper and bake at 180ºC. We will leave it for about 20 minutes, stirring it frequently to prevent it from burning. When the time has passed we will see that it has browned and has become toasted and crunchy. Remove our granola from the oven and let it cool on the tray itself.

Homemade Baked

When it is completely cold, we will store it in an airtight jar and we will have our homemade granola ready.

Transfer the granola to an airtight

Ideal for our breakfasts or to accompany our favorite yogurt that, enriched with some red fruits, will be a perfect snack.

bowl with granola and

Easy preparation summary

    1. We weigh and measure all the ingredients and turn on the oven at 180 ºC
    1. Chop the hazelnuts and reserve
    1. In a bowl, add all the dry ingredients.
    1. Add the spices, flavorings and salt
    1. Mix it well with a spoon
    1. Finally add the honey and oil
    1. We remove it again making sure that everything is well impregnated
    1. Bake them for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently.
    1. When golden and crisp, remove it and let it cool on the tray.
    1. We keep it in an airtight container
    1. And it will be ready to savor