Clericot Cocktail how to prepare a very fresh cleric

Clericot Cocktail how to prepare a very fresh cleric. The Clericot dates back to the time when the Roman Empire took over France and Britain, a place dominated by the Celts. They celebrated on October 31 at samhaina Celtic death knight and they did it with the traditional red wine with soaked fruits.

On the other hand, the Romans celebrated the goddess of fruits and trees at the same time and also did so with the traditional vine soaked in red wine and other fruits. Thus it is considered that this was the first appearance of what we now call “Clericot“in the history of beverages.

It is also said that in the 19th century this drink was popular among the English who lived in India, an English colony at the time, although they called it claret because of the glass in which it was drunk. It was not until the British arrived in America, specifically in Argentina and Uruguay, when it was called “clericó” or “clericot”. It had a similar preparation with claret wine, sugar, apple juice, lemon and sparkling water. Currently there is a wide variety of recipes, there are those who add champagne, red wine, orange, apple juice and even rum, brandy, vodka or Cointreau, although the reality is that most consist of red wine with various fruits.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 10 minutes
    • total time: 40 minutes
    • rations: 6, 1500ml
    • Category: drinks
    • Type of cocktail bar: international
    • calories: 170 kcal per glass

Clericot ingredients for 6 people

    • 650 ml lemon or apple soda
    • 500 ml of red wine
    • 200 ml of mineral water
    • 50 ml of orange juice
    • 50ml lemon juice
    • 1 splash of vodka (optional)
    • 1 green or red apple
    • ¼ melon
    • 1 handful of strawberries
    • half grapefruit
    • 3 spoonfuls of sugar
    • ice to taste

Ingredients for the cocktail called Clericotalberto martin

How to make the Clericot

The type of glass that we will use for this cocktail is a claret glass. It is specifically designed to hold claret wine, a purplish-red wine originating from the Bordeaux region of France. In this case we have used a low and wide one that will give our drink a magnificent appearance. We will also use a large jug to make the initial mix of the ingredients.

Firstly, in the preparation, we peel all the fruit, cut it into cubes and put it in the jug with the ice.

We put the cut fruit in the jaralberto martin

Next, pour in the juice of one lemon and one orange, and let the mixture rest for about 15 minutes.

Add the orange and lemon juicealberto martin

Add the lemon soda, or apple if you prefer.

Add the lemon sodaalberto martin

Add the mineral water, then a few tablespoons of sugar and stir well to integrate all the flavors.

We incorporate mineral wateralberto martin

If we want we can add a splash of vodka, although it is optional.

We add vodkaalberto martin

Finally we add the red wine until the jug is complete, we can introduce more ice if desired and let everything rest for about 20 minutes.

Finally add the red winealberto martin

Serve it however you like! Ideal for hot afternoons.

Final photo of the Clericot cocktailalberto martin

Easy overview of the preparation

    1. Peel the fruit and put it in the jar
    1. Add the lemon and orange juice
    1. Add the lemon soda, the mineral water and the sugar
    1. Add the red wine
    1. We serve in our glass with ice to taste.