American Cocktail, how to prepare this Italian thoroughbred

The American Cocktail is a cocktail with Campari, red vermouth and soda, so it is a drink made with typically Italian ingredients, being a variant of the well-known Negroni. The latter differs from the American because it contains a greater volume of alcohol due to the gin.

Italy began to treat certain characteristic products of its land very well, and thus drinks such as vermouth from Turin or bitter from Milan, known to all as Campari, were born. It was Gaspare Campari who is said to have first created the cocktail at “Cafe Campari” in Milan in the 1860s. The mix of both drinks with a little soda was first called Milano-Torino because Campari was from Milan and vermouth from Turin, these being its main ingredients. At the time it was renamed the Americano in homage to the American tourists who visited Italy at the beginning of the last century and showed a special predilection for this cocktail.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • total time: 5 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drink
    • type of cuisine: Italian
    • calories: 240 kcal per glass

Ingredients for the Americano for 1 person

    • Ice
    • 50ml Campari
    • 50ml sweet vermouth
    • 1 shot of soda
    • 1 slice of orange

Necessary utensils:

    • Vermouth or old fashioned type glass
    • stirring spoon

Photo of the ingredients for the Americano cocktailAlberto Martin

How to make the American cocktail

The glass that we will use is the 22 cl glass of vermouth or an old fashioned glass of those that are served in the most traditional wineries and in vermouth bars, because it will allow us to pour the right amount of vermouth. It is also the ideal size to add a cube and an olive or orange twist. Add the ice to our glass.

Pour the ice into our vermouth type glassAlberto Martin

We add the red vermouth.

First add the red vermouth to the glassAlberto Martin

Then we add the Campari in equal parts.

Add the Campari in equal parts to the preparation of our drinkAlberto Martin

Gently stir the mixture.

Stir the cocktail gently with the stirring spoon.Alberto Martin

The final blow will be given with soda or sparkling water until the glass is full.

Finally, we add the soda to complete the glassAlberto Martin

Decorate with a slice of orange and/or an orange twist.

Final photo of the Americano cocktail decorated with twist and orange sliceAlberto Martin

Easy preparation summary

    1. Pour the ice into the glass
    1. Add the Campari
    1. Add the red vermouth
    1. Fill with soda or sparkling water until the glass is full
    1. Garnish with an orange slice and an orange twist.