Smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich: universal savory breakfast

There is nothing more versatile and easy to make than a sandwich. Few are the ingredients that refuse to end up between two slices of bread and infinite are the combinations that are presented to us. On this occasion, we are going to make a smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich which, for me, is one of the best combinations and one of the ones that works best, due to the perfect fusion of all its flavors and textures.

An important factor to take into account for this type of sandwich with a lot of filling is the type of bread to use so that it supports, without losing its shape, the weight of all the ingredients. He thick slice bread and with a slightly dense crumb, once toasted, it is ideal for this sandwich.

On the other hand, the avocado must be at its right point of ripeness, so that when you break it with a fork it melts like butter. Last, but not least, is that the egg will preferably be from free-range hens and it will be cooked in such a way that the yolk is completely liquid, either poached, fried or, as in this case, cooked just long enough so that it does not curdle. You are going to fall in love with this sandwich with the first bite!

Salmon, avocado and egg sandwich assembly process@Latoneira

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • cooking time: 10 minutes
    • total time: 15 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: main dish
    • type of cuisine: international
    • Calories per serving (kcal):631

Ingredients for the smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich for 1 person

    • 2 thick slices of sliced ​​bread
    • 10 g butter at room temperature
    • half avocado
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 1 pinch of sesame seeds
    • 1 pinch of sweet Vera paprika
    • 1 pinch of chopped dried thyme
    • 50g smoked salmon
    • 1 free range egg
    • 10 g grated Parmesan cheese

View of the ingredients needed to make a smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich@Latoneira

How to make a smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich

The first thing we have to do is spread 2 slices of bread with 10 grams of butter at room temperature to then toast the bread, on a grill or in a toaster, for a few minutes.

Appearance of toasted slices of bread@Latoneira

Remove the skin and the seed from half an avocado, cut it into slices and, with a fork, mash it by spreading it on one of the slices of toasted bread.

View of avocado on a slice of toast@Latoneira

Add a pinch of salt, sesame seeds, sweet paprika from La Vera and chopped dry thyme to the avocado.

Adding the spices to the mashed avocado@Latoneira

Next, we have 50 grams of smoked salmon on the avocado.

Assembly process of the sandwich with smoked salmon on avocado@Latoneira

In a pot, we put an egg and cover it with water. We bring to a boil and, from that moment, we count 5 minutes. With this time we will get the egg white to set and the yolk to remain completely liquid. We cut the cooking of the egg by cooling it under the tap. We peel it when it has cooled completely.

Appearance of the egg once cooked in the peeling process@Latoneira

We put the egg on the smoked salmon, season with the same mixture of spices mentioned above, add 10 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, arrange the other slice of toasted bread and now we can enjoy one of the richest sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. .

Final presentation of the smoked salmon, avocado and egg sandwich@Latoneira

Easy preparation summary

    1. Spread the sliced ​​bread with butter and brown it in a toaster for a few minutes.
    1. Put the sliced ​​avocado on a slice of bread, flatten it and spread it with a fork all over the slice
    1. Season the avocado with salt, sesame seeds, sweet paprika from La Vera and chopped dried thyme
    1. Add the smoked salmon
    1. Cook an egg for 5 minutes counting from the moment it starts to boil. Pass it through water to cool and peel it
    1. Put the egg on the avocado, season, add grated Parmesan cheese and assemble the sandwich with the other slice of toasted plan