Long Island Iced Tea, the classic shaker iced tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail that has nothing to do with the drink known as iced tea or iced tea beyond its particular resemblance. The best-known story is that it was first created in the Long Island neighborhood of Tennessee in the 1920s. During Prohibition it was clandestinely created by a bartender known as Old Bishop. Years later, his son Ransom Bishop took it upon himself to perfect the recipe, “The King of Dissimulation.” By virtue of this, lovers of spirits had to camouflage their drinks so as not to be arrested. The bartenders of the time managed to conceive a cocktail that would satisfy customers without causing them problems with the law.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 3 minutes
    • total time: 3 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drinks
    • type of cuisine: American, International
    • calories: 138 kcal per cup

Long Island Iced Tea ingredients for 1 person

    • 1 spoon of sugar
    • 2 cl lime juice
    • 2cl vodka
    • 2cl gin
    • 2cl tequila
    • 2 cl white rum
    • 2cl cointreau
    • coke top
    • Ice

photo ingredientsDavid Hidalgo

How to make Long Island Iced Tea

We will make this drink in a shaker served in a long drink glass with ice. To start we will add a tablespoon of sugar.

we add sugarDavid Hidalgo

We squeeze half a lime.

we add limeDavid Hidalgo

With the help of the jigger we add 2 cl of vodka.

we add the vodkaDavid Hidalgo

We put the 2 cl of gin.

we add ginDavid Hidalgo

Add 2 cl of tequila.

we add tequilaDavid Hidalgo

2 cl of white rum.

we add the rumDavid Hidalgo

And now 2 cl of cointreau.

we add CointreauDavid Hidalgo

Shake the entire mixture with ice.

we shake the mixtureDavid Hidalgo

We serve in the long drink glass with the help of the strainer.

we serve in the glassDavid Hidalgo

And to finish a top of coca cola.

We add Coca ColaDavid Hidalgo

Garnish with two slices of lime.

decorate with lime slicesDavid Hidalgo

Peppermint leaf.

We decorate with mintDavid Hidalgo

And a wedge of lime.

we put lime wedgeDavid Hidalgo

Ready to serve.

cover photoDavid Hidalgo

Easy preparation summary

    1. We cool cocktail shaker and glass
    1. we add sugar
    1. We squeezed half a lime
    1. we introduce 2 cl of all the distillates and the liquor
    1. shake with ice
    1. We serve in the glass
    1. Decorate with lime and mint