Homemade raspberry ice cream, delicious and very easy to make

Homemade raspberry ice cream is much tastier and healthier than any ice cream we buy. Making ice cream at home is not difficult at all, and we can achieve magnificent and almost professional results. One of the key ingredients in ice cream is air., which we can contribute if we use an ice cream maker in the final process of the ice cream or manually if we do not have it. In the latter case, we will add air to our homemade ice creams by stirring the mixture during the first hours of the freezing process, or when preparing the mixture using whipped cream or egg whites.

To make our homemade raspberry ice cream, quickly and easily, we are going to use frozen raspberries and whipped cream, with which we will have almost ready ice cream in a few minutes. Furthermore, raspberries are red fruits that we can also find both fresh and frozen at any time of the year, so we can almost say that raspberry ice cream is the perfect ice cream to make at any time.

Serving raspberry ice cream@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
    • total time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
    • rations:6
    • Category: desserts
    • type of cuisine: international
    • calories: 206 kcal per 100 g

Ingredients for raspberry ice cream for 6 people

    • 250g frozen raspberries
    • 250 g frozen whipped cream
    • 100 g of condensed milk
    • 100 ml of milk

Raspberry ice cream ingredients@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

How to make raspberry ice cream

We weigh and measure all the ingredients.

Adding raspberries to the processor@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

We put the frozen raspberries in a food processor.

Add the whipped and frozen cream@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

Next we add the whipped cream and finally the whole milk and the condensed milk.

Add the condensed milk and milk@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

We crush everything together until it is integrated and has a creamy texture, but we will not be able to spend time.

Freeze ready mix@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

By using the frozen fruit and cream, we already have an ice cream texture, but with little consistency, so we will have to keep it in the freezer for a while.

Put the cream in a container@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

Pour this mixture into a mold and store it in the freezer for at least one hour so that it acquires a little more consistency. We decorate it with frozen raspberries on top

We decorate with raspberries@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

And we already have our raspberry ice cream easy, fast and ready for dessert.

ice cream ready to freeze@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

If we leave it for a long time in the freezer it will harden; but we simply remove it about 10 minutes before serving and it will have a creamier texture.

Raspberry ice cream with syrup@pandebroa.by.monikaprego

Easy preparation summary

    1. We weigh and measure all the ingredients
    1. We put them in a food processor
    1. Blend everything together until smooth
    1. Pour the mixture into a container and add raspberries on top
    1. We leave it for at least an hour in the freezer before consuming
    1. And we will have it ready to serve