Gluten-free buns, how to make them at home easily and safely

Gluten-free buns bread has been synonymous with mazacote for years. Something that was trying to imitate gluten-containing bread, but it didn’t have half the flavor and didn’t even come close in structure to what gluten-containing bread is. That has changed a long time ago and research into homemade gluten-free bread as well as the popularization of certain ingredients that were difficult to obtain before it was known that there were so many people among the population with problems digesting gluten are two aspects that today Nowadays, they make it much easier to prepare at home for some delicious, fluffy and flavorful gluten free rolls. We assure you.

Among those unusual ingredients are, of course, the gluten-free flours like rice and buckwheat that we use in this recipe, and the psyllium, the husk of the seed of the plantago ovata, which has the property of creating mucilage in the presence of water, a kind of viscous gel that acts as a binder for the dough, thus replacing gluten in this function. With this ingredient, we ensure that gluten-free buns do not crumble or crumble. Also, thanks to its ability to retain moisture, it provides softness and juiciness to the crumb.

The formula for the gluten-free rolls we use in this recipe comes from chef/baker Juan Carlos Menéndez, who has spent years researching and testing gluten-free doughs. in this mass the base is corn starch; Buckwheat flour has the mission of providing flavor, since both corn starch and rice flour are quite tasteless. Finally, and as we have already mentioned, the psyllium serves to give cohesion to the whole.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 25 minutes
    • cooking time: 25 minutes
    • total time: 3 hours and 50 minutes
    • rations: 4
    • Category: bread
    • type of cuisine: international
    • Calories per serving (kcal):880

Ingredients for gluten-free buns for 4 people

    • 350 g of corn starch
    • 100 g of brown rice flour (can also be white)
    • 50 g whole buckwheat flour
    • 15g psyllium
    • 10g of salt
    • 3 g freeze-dried baker’s yeast (9 g fresh yeast)
    • 425g of water
    • 15g honey
    • 15g olive oil
    • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds to taste (optional)

gluten free bread ingredientsmiriam garcia

How to make gluten free buns

Weigh the solids into a bowl: 350 g corn starch, 100 g brown rice flour, 50 g buckwheat flour, 15 g psyllium, 10 g salt, and 3 g freeze-dried baker’s yeast. Mix well with a whisk.

Gluten Free Bread Solids Mixmiriam garcia

In another bowl, weigh the liquids: 425 g of water, 15 g of honey and 15 g of olive oil, and mix.

Gluten Free Bread Liquid Mixmiriam garcia

Mix, by hand or by machine, the solids with the liquids until a homogeneous mass is obtained. No need to knead as there is no gluten to develop.

Homogenize gluten-free bread doughmiriam garcia

Cover the bowl and leave to ferment for at least 2 hours, until the dough is slightly fluffy, although it will not come close to doubling the characteristic volume of doughs with gluten.

fermented gluten free doughmiriam garcia

Transfer the dough to the floured worktop and knead lightly to remove the gas.

Pass the gluten-free dough to the tablemiriam garcia

Divide the dough into four equal portions with the scale to make 4 rolls or bars. Mold each roll in the shape of a bar as seen in the photos, sharpening the tips.

Form Gluten Free Breadsmiriam garcia

Place the rolls on some flour sprinkled on the table or directly on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Transfer gluten-free breads to the traymiriam garcia

Paint the breads with a little water and sprinkle, optionally, with sunflower or pumpkin seeds to taste. Let the loaves ferment for the second time for at least 1 more hour, covered with a cloth, until it is appreciated that they have risen slightly.

Put pipes in breadsmiriam garcia

After this time, cook the gluten-free bars for 20-25 minutes at 210ºC with heat from above and below, in the lower third of the oven. These masses brown little, so if we want to brown the bars, we would have to connect the air in the oven for the last 10 minutes at the same temperature. If we want the rolls to be softer than crunchy, we will cook them for 30-35 minutes at a lower temperature, about 190 ºC. After the baking time, remove the gluten-free breads from the oven and put them to cool on a wire rack.

Cooling of gluten-free breadsmiriam garcia

Easy preparation summary

    1. Weigh the solids in the recipe and mix well.
    1. Weigh the liquids in the recipe and mix
    1. Mix the solids with the liquids until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
    1. Let ferment for at least 2 hours, until the dough is slightly fluffy
    1. Transfer the dough to the floured worktop and knead to remove the gas
    1. Divide the dough into 4 portions and shape each portion in the shape of a bar, sharpening the tips
    1. Place the rolls on some flour sprinkled on the table or a baking paper
    1. Optionally, sprinkle the bread with seeds to taste and leave to ferment for another hour
    1. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 210ºC, remove the gluten-free breads from the oven and let them cool on a rack