Red fruit and yogurt ice cream

Red fruit and yogurt ice cream, simple to enjoy during the summer. When making ice cream, combining dairy and fruit is a very healthy and fun option. The combinations are endless, almost as many as fruits we can imagine. The format is also free and we can either do it in trays or if we prefer in different individual ice cream molds. Any option is correct. Although we must bear in mind that if we want creamier ice creams, the trays are the best option. It is true that machines today make the task of making ice cream much easier, but you can make super rich ice creams without using an ice cream maker. Surely the process is a little longer and we will have to do the blending function that the machine does, but it is very simple and the result is also good.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 4 hours and 30 minutes
    • total time: 16 hours and 30 minutes
    • rations:10
    • Category: desserts
    • type of cuisine: international
    • calories: 150 kcal per 100 g

Ingredients for yogurt and red fruit ice cream for 10 people

    • 350 ml plain Greek yogurt
    • 150 ml of inverted sugar
    • 250 g of frozen red fruits

Ingredients to make yogurt and red fruit ice cream

How to make yogurt and red fruit ice cream

To make the yogurt and red fruit ice cream, the first thing we do is weigh the ingredients and put them in a blender.

Crush ingredients to make yogurt and red fruit ice cream

We will beat them at maximum power for at least 2 minutes until there is a creamy and smooth mixture.

Crushed ingredients to make the yogurt and red fruit ice creamWhen we have our beaten ingredients we will try it to correct the sugar. If we consider it necessary, we will add a little more inverted sugar and beat again.

We use inverted sugar instead of normal sugar because when taking the ice cream to the freezer we will prevent it from crystallizing. There are two ingredients that will always prevent our ice creams from crystallizing: fats (for example, cream) and sugars (honey, agave syrup, inverted sugar…). Making inverted sugar isn’t difficult, but if we don’t want to complicate our lives we can buy it already made, they sell it in cans in some large stores. If we decide to do it ourselves, we can store it in jars and it will be useful for many desserts, ice creams and sweet pastries. It will make them stay juicy, creamy and fluffy for longer.

To make inverted sugar at home, we heat 150 g of water (if we are in an area where the water has a lot of lime, preferably bottled) and 350 g of sugar. With a thermometer we calculate that it reaches about 110 ºC. Remove it from the heat and add an envelope of tartaric and malic acid and stir until it is integrated. Once off the heat, again calculate the temperature of the mixture until it has dropped to about 60 ºC, add the envelope of gasifier (bicarbonate) and stir well. The sachets of acidulants and gasifiers are sold in the supermarket. There are a few double envelopes coming. A kind of foam will come out. When it is removed, we put it in a boat and let it finish cooling to close it. This preparation will last up to 6 months if we keep it in a cool, dry place without light.

Place the mixture for the yogurt and red fruit ice cream in a metal baking mold lined with baking paper and close it tightly with a silicone lid or with plastic wrap, turning it around a few times before putting it in the freezer. We can put the mixture as it is or we can pass it through a Chinese to avoid leaving bits of fruit or seeds that have not been completely crushed.

Fill mold to freeze the red fruit yogurt ice creamEvery half hour we take out the ice cream and beat it again so that it does not crystallize. We must do it at least during the first 4 hours of freezing. Then we can leave it until the next day that we take it.

Main presentation of yogurt and red fruit ice cream

To enjoy the ice cream, we take it out of the freezer 15-30 minutes before so that it warms up. We can serve it in small bowls and accompany it with some red fruits, strawberry syrup and some wafers. Surely the little ones in the house will enjoy a lot and it is a good way to make fun recipes with them.

Extra final presentation of yogurt and red fruit ice cream

Easy preparation summary

    1. Weigh the ingredients to make the yogurt and red fruit ice cream
    1. Put all the ingredients in the blender glass and blend at maximum power for at least 2 minutes
    1. Taste and correct sugar if necessary
    1. Transfer the mixture to a mold lined with baking paper or a stainless steel mold
    1. Cover tightly with film and put in the freezer
    1. Take out every 30 minutes and beat the mixture during the first 4 hours of freezing to prevent it from crystallizing and making it creamier.
    1. Leave the yogurt and red fruit ice cream in the freezer until the next day
    1. To serve the ice cream, take it out 15-30 minutes before
    1. Accompany to taste with strawberry syrup, wafers and some red fruit