Homemade almond cream, a very easy and quick recipe to make

Despite the simplicity of this recipe, if you are one of those who can’t get a homemade almond cream butter tasty and with a liquid texture, here are some tricks and tips so that it is perfect.

There are two things that are decisive when making almond cream or butter; use a powerful processor and crush the hot dried fruit. We will toast it more or less, depending on our tastes, but it is essential that they are hot.

On the other hand, the flavor of our almond cream will depend on the almond variety that we use and the roasting or not that we do. In this recipe we have used the Marcona, but we can use the varieties of almonds that we like the most or that we have, whether they are natural, peeled, unpeeled, toasted, with salt, without salt, etc.

Varied assortment of almonds to make almond creamMonica Prego

With respect to processor to useif we use a powerful processor with good blades, it will be much better crushed, in less time and we will not have to stop for fear of burning the motor.

It is important, moreover, toast the dried fruit, either in the oven or in a pan, and crush it hot, especially if your processor is not very powerful. In this way, the natural oil from the almonds will come off and help the butter to be more liquid and much creamier without the need to add oils. Roasting the almonds to a greater or lesser extent will also make the almond cream taste different, and even adding a little salt if we use them natural will help enhance the flavor.

This cream is the ideal accompaniment to natural yoghurts, porridge, to eat with fruit, to add to smoothies, to toast, or as an ingredient in cookies, biscuits and many other preparations that you can think of.

Almond cream textureMonica Prego

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • cooking time: 15 minutes
    • total time: 20 minutes
    • rations: 20,500g
    • Category: cake shop
    • type of cuisine: international
    • Calories per serving (kcal): 150

Almond cream ingredients

    • 500 g raw Marcona almonds
    • 10 g of salt (optional)
Ingredients to make almond creamMonica Prego

How to make almond cream

Preheat the oven to 120 °C and weigh 500 g of raw almonds. We place them in a baking dish, add 10 g of salt and put them in the oven to toast for about 10 minutes.

Almonds from the almond cream ready to toastMonica Prego

The time can be longer or shorter depending on how toasted we want the almonds. It is important not to stop watching them and stir them at least once so that they are toasted evenly and, above all, to be careful that they do not burn, as in this case they will be bitter.

Roasted almond cream almondsMonica Prego

Once we have toasted them to our liking, we put them in a processor while they are still hot and we begin to crush them.

Almond cream almonds in the processorMonica Prego

First we see that almond flour is formed, then as the almonds release their natural oil, a thick paste is formed that will stick to the edges of the processor.

Half crushed almond creamMonica Prego

In our case, we did not need to lower what remained attached to the walls of the processor, since as the butter was formed, it became more and more creamy and with the force of the blades it was lowered on its own. However, this will depend on each processor, so it is necessary to be vigilant and stop whenever necessary, especially with small processors and low power, to avoid overheating the motor and to carefully lower the stuck edges with a spatula, and continue grinding after a few moments.

Freshly crushed almond creamMonica Prego

Once the almond cream is ready, which in our case was after 5 minutes, we stop the processor and pour it into an airtight jar. To preserve it, it is best to store it in the fridge. In this case, the oils will curdle and it will stop being so creamy and liquid, although taking it out a little before using it and stirring it to integrate it, it will be great again.

Storing the almond cream in the jarMonica Prego

Following these steps, we already have our almond cream ready to use in our favorite preparations.

Almond cream in the potMonica Pregojar full of almond creamMonica Prego

Easy preparation summary

    1. Preheat the oven to 120 °C, salt the peeled almonds and place them in a baking dish
    1. We toast them for about 10 or 15 minutes, stirring them from time to time.
    1. While they are hot, we pass them to a processor
    1. We begin to crush them; first we will have almond flour and then a thick paste
    1. We continue grinding and stopping as many times as necessary to lower the almond stuck to the edges and avoid overheating the processor motor.
    1. Once the cream is ready, we stop the processor, transfer it to an airtight jar and keep it in the fridge
    1. We already have the cream ready to consume