Natural homemade orange popsicles

Natural homemade orange popsicles, easy and very refreshing for the summer. With the arrival of heat and good weather, the desire to eat ice cream multiplies and if there is a easy, simple and versatile ice cream to make at home that is, without a doubt, the ice cream. So it is only necessary to have a mold for popsicles to start making them.

we can elaborate Homemade popsicles with an infinite number of ingredients the most common being fruit and dairy. Make them as you like, with just one fruit, combining several or mixing the fruit with some dairy. The possibilities are unlimited so we can make a different one each time.

This time, we are going to start with one of the simpler poles and what I like the most in my house, sugar-free orange popsicles. To do this, we are going to choose some oranges of the navelina variety, native to the Valencian Community. This orange is characterized by its high juice content, by its mild flavor and with a slightly sweet touch that means that it is not necessary to add any type of sweetener.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 15 minutes
    • total time: 15 minutes (plus about 3 hours of freezing)
    • rations: 4 poles
    • Category: dessert
    • type of cuisine: international
    • Calories per serving (kcal):85

Ingredients for orange popsicles for 4 people

    • 5 large oranges for juice

Ingredients needed to make orange popsicles@Latoneira

Necessary utensils

    • 4 molds for ice cream lollies

How to make homemade orange popsicles

First of all, what we have to do is squeeze 5 large oranges of juice to obtain around 720 ml of orange juice.

Orange juice extraction process@Latoneira

Fill the 4 molds to make the popsicles with the orange juice and put them in the freezer.

Filling the molds for the orange lollies@Latoneira

We freeze them for at least 3 hours so that the juice freezes completely.

Appearance of the orange ice cream once frozen@Latoneira

Once frozen, we can unmold the orange poles and enjoy them.

Homemade orange popsicles@Latoneira

Easy preparation summary

    1. Squeeze the oranges to obtain 720 ml of juice
    1. Fill the popsicle molds with the orange juice and freeze them
    1. After 3 hours the poles will have solidified
    1. Unmold the orange poles to consume them