Gin Tonic how to prepare it perfect at home

Gin Tonic how to prepare it perfect at home. Gin and tonic fans know that the secret of this cocktail is in its ingredients and the most important is the gin itself, since the key is to choose the right one. There are a wide variety of gins on the market, each with their own flavor profile, so it’s best to experiment until you find the right one for your taste.

The tonic must also be chosen carefully. to match the gin. It should be slightly sweet with a bitter finish, but not too strong in flavor. Low-quality tonic waters are often too sweet and hide the flavors of the gin, so opt for a low-sugar tonic.

In addition, there are additional ingredients that can be added to enrich its flavor, such as fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme or basil), berries and even some spices. Another alternative is to include citrus juices such as lime or grapefruit for an uplifting variation, and some even prefer to add a dash of bitters for an extra touch of complexity. It is equally important for the result to maintain the proportions between gin and tonicas well as the proportion of any extra ingredients.

With these little tips, you will be able to create a gin and tonic that will please any palate. If you want to impress your guests with this popular, refreshing and delicious long drink, here’s how to make the perfect gin and tonic, so pick your favorite gin and let’s get started!

Gin and tonic ready to serveMonica Prego

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 5 minutes
    • total time: 5 minutes
    • rations: 1
    • Category: drinks
    • type of cuisine: english
    • Calories per serving (kcal):221

Gin and tonic ingredients per person

    • 7 ice cubes
    • 1 slice of lemon or lime
    • 60ml gin
    • 120 ml of tonic
    • 1 slice of lemon to decorate the glass
    • Juniper berries to decorate (optional)
Ingredients to prepare the gin and tonicMonica Prego

How to make Gin and Tonic

We begin by cooling the glass where we will prepare our cocktail, which in this case will be a balloon glass. We put 2 ice cubes, turn them a little in the glass and discard them. Next we put 5 ice cubes in the glass, or even more, depending on their size.

Ice in the glass to prepare the gin and tonicMonica Prego

We put 1 slice of lemon, measure 60 ml of gin with a jigger if we have one, and pour it into the glass over the ice.

Add the gin to the glassMonica Prego

Next, we add 120 ml of tonic water, letting it fall on the back of a stirring spoon, which we will gradually rest on the surface of the liquid, so that the tonic water falls carefully over the rest of the ingredients. In this way, we will prevent excess bubbles from forming.

Pouring the tonic to make gin and tonicMonica Prego

We mix everything carefully using the spoon, we decorate it with 1 slice of lemon, some juniper berries and we serve it immediately to enjoy this very refreshing cocktail. Of course, always in moderation.

The perfect gin and tonicMonica Prego

Easy preparation summary

    1. Chill the glass with ice, discard it and add more ice
    1. Add a slice of lemon and add the gin
    1. We add the tonic, letting it fall on a spoon
    1. Garnish the gin and tonic with a slice of lemon, juniper berries and serve