Medlar tarte tatin, a step-by-step recipe that everyone will like

This medlar tarte tatin is a different, yet equally delicious version of the classic apple tarte tatin. this is a recipe ideal to take advantage of the medlars when they are in season and take full advantage of this fruit that has such a special flavor.

To prepare this medlar tarte tatin, I am going to use a sheet of commercial shortcrust pastryalready prepared, and medlars that are at their optimum ripeness point, neither too green nor too ripe.

One of the characteristics of the Tarte Tatin is the kind of butter caramel sauce which is placed in the bottom of the mold and on which we will later place the medlars, so that the fruit will take on all the flavor and color of the caramelized sugar, achieving a super rich combination of flavors.

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 15 minutes
    • cooking time: 50 minutes
    • total time: 1 hour and 5 minutes
    • rations:6
    • Category: desserts
    • type of cuisine: French
    • Calories per serving (kcal):458

Ingredients for medlar tarte tatin

    • 120g butter
    • 115g of sugar
    • 800 g of medlars
    • 1 round sheet of shortcrust pastry

Ingredients for medlar tarte tatin@cocinerocasero

Necessary utensils

    • A 25 cm diameter round ovenproof dish

How to make medlar tarte tatin

The first thing we are going to do is caramelize the sugar with the butter. To do this, we put a saucepan over medium-high heat with 120 g of butter. As soon as the butter melts, add 115 g of sugar and mix with a whisk. Let the mixture caramelize until it turns golden, which can take about 10 minutes.

Melt the butter with the sugar for the medlar tarte Tatin@cocinerocasero

When we have the caramelized mixture of sugar and butter ready, we pour it into the mold where we are going to bake the medlar tarte Tatin.

Place the caramelized sugar in the medlar tarte Tatin mold@cocinerocasero

Peel 800 g of medlars, cut them in half and remove the seeds and the white skin that covers them.

Peel and cut the medlars for the tarte Tatin@cocinerocasero

Place the medlars in the mold with the inside facing up, trying to completely cover the entire surface of the mold, so that the medlars are very tight but do not pile up on top of each other.

Place the medlars in the tarte Tatin mold@cocinerocasero

Next, we place 1 round sheet of shortcrust pastry on top of the loquats, so that we adjust the dough to the edges of the mold and we put the dough that protrudes inwards, making small folds.

Placing the shortcrust pastry for the medlar tarte Tatin@cocinerocasero

When we already have the dough well placed, we make a small hole in the center and prick the surface of the cake with a fork.

Prick the shortcrust pastry for the medlar tarte Tatin@cocinerocasero

With the oven preheated to 180 ºC, with heat above and below, we put the cake in the oven at medium height and bake at 180 ºC for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, we take the medlar tarte Tatin out of the oven and let it cool down a bit before unmolding it.

Baking the medlar tarte tatin@cocinerocasero

When it has lost some temperature, we unmold the tarte Tatin with the help of a plate that has a diameter large enough to fit the entire tart.

Unmold the medlar tarte Tatin@cocinerocasero

We serve the medlar tarte Tatin.

Serve the medlar tarte tatin@cocinerocasero

Easy preparation summary

    1. We caramelize the sugar with the butter
    1. Pour the caramelized mixture into the tart pan
    1. Peel and cut the medlars in half, discarding the seeds
    1. Place the medlars face up in the mold
    1. Cover the medlars with the broken dough, adjusting the excess dough inside the mold
    1. Make a hole in the center of the dough and prick it with a fork.
    1. Bake the cake at 180 ºC for 40 minutes
    1. Unmold when it has cooled down a bit.
    1. We serve the medlar tarte Tatin