Cold cheesecake, very easy to make at home and super tasty

Cold cheesecake, very easy to make at home and super tasty. You can give your personal touch to this Cheesecake No Oven adapting the cookies to use and you can even add some chopped dried fruit to get a crunchy touch. Another option is to change the finish, which can be as much strawberries, raspberries, cherries or red fruits as apricot, peach or crushed mango.

We can make this cheesecake more festive if we crown it with fresh fruit, in harmony with the fruit that we have used to finish the cake (raspberries, cut strawberries…) or opt for a simplified option. The possibilities are endless!

For get a good result, it is important that there are no lumps in either the cream cheese or the strawberry layer. This can be avoided by passing the cheese through a strainer or fine mesh, just like the jam, which we could also crush beforehand.

In our case, we have used a 20 cm round mold, but if you do not have this measurement, you can use a 23 or 26 cm one. Just keep in mind that the cake will come out shorter, although just as delicious!

slice of cold cheesecakesonia mas

recipe information

    • Preparation time: 45 minutes
    • total time: 45 minutes (plus rest time)
    • rations:10
    • Category: cake shop
    • type of cuisine: Spanish
    • Calories per serving (kcal):390

Cold Cheesecake Ingredients

    • 6 sheets of gelatin (5 sheets for the cream cheese and 1 sheet for the strawberry layer)
    • 150g of biscuits
    • 75 g butter at room temperature
    • 400 g whipping cream (minimum 35% fat content)
    • 75g sugar
    • 400 g cream cheese (Philadelphia type)
    • 1 tablespoon of hot water
    • 100 g strawberry jam
Ingredients to prepare the cold cheesecakesonia mas

Necessary utensils

    • Removable round mold of 20 cm

How to make cold cheesecake without an oven

We hydrate 5 sheets of gelatin in a container (for the cream cheese) and 1 sheet in another container (for the strawberry layer) with cold water for at least 10 minutes.

Hydrating the gelatin sheetssonia mas

Line the mold with waxed paper, both the base and the sides. For the sides, you can use acetate, as we have done, since it detaches better when demoulding, although it is not essential.

Lined mold to prepare the cold cheesecakesonia mas

Crush 150 g of cookies with the food processor or by putting them in a bag and rolling them over.

Crushed biscuits for the basesonia mas

Mix the biscuits with 75 g of butter at room temperature. If we use the food processor to chop the cookies, we can add the butter once the cookies are crushed.

Cookie mix for the basesonia mas

We distribute the mixture in the lined mold and flatten with the base of a glass, so that the biscuit base is well pressed. We reserve the mold in the fridge while we prepare the rest of the recipe.

Preparing the cookie basesonia mas

Pour 400 g of whipping cream into a bowl together with 75 g of sugar, mix well, bring to a boil and cook for about 3 minutes over high heat, stirring with the whisk. Add the gelatin for the cream cheese, drained and mix well to integrate. Let it rest for 15 minutes so that it is not so hot when adding this mixture to the cheese.

Mixture of cream, sugar and gelatinsonia mas

Place 400 g of cream cheese in a large bowl, add the cream mixture prepared in the previous step and beat with the whisk until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Filling for cold cheesecakesonia mas

Take the mold with the cookie base out of the fridge and pour the mixture into it. Reserve in the fridge for at least 4 hours, until set.

Cold cheesecake before putting it in the fridgesonia mas

Heat 1 tablespoon of water in a small bowl in the microwave, or in a saucepan, and dissolve the reserved sheet of drained gelatin in it, stirring well. Add this mixture to 100 g of strawberry jam, integrate and cover the surface of the cheesecake with it, moving the mold so that it covers the entire surface. Let set for at least 1 more hour in the fridge.

Cold cheesecake covered with jamsonia mas

Once curdled, we take the cake out of the fridge, unmold it, put the cake on a plate and serve.

Cold cheesecake ready to eatsonia mas

Easy preparation summary

    1. We hydrate 6 gelatin sheets (5 in a bowl and 1 in another)
    1. Line the mold with waxed paper
    1. We crush the cookies
    1. Mix the biscuits with the butter
    1. We cover the base of the mold with the cookies
    1. Heat the cream with the sugar and add the gelatin
    1. Add the cream cheese to the cream mixture
    1. Cover the biscuit base with the cheese mixture and let it set in the fridge
    1. Mix the gelatin with the hot water and the jam, and cover the cake. We return to the fridge
    1. We unmold and serve