Dorayakis, the recipe to make Doraemon’s favorite sweet

The dorayakis They are a traditional japanese sweet formed by a pair of spongy pancakes, similar to pancakes, that cover a filling. Typically said filler is anko, sweet paste made from beans Azuki. However, we also find them with chestnut paste, chocolate cream, jams and even fruits. They are commonly enjoyed as a snack or dessertespecially in celebrations and festivals, almost always accompanied by a cup of tea.

This sweet has gained international fame, in part thanks to its appearance in popular culture. The best known example is the anime and manga series Doraemonwhere the cosmic cat protagonist He has a special predilection for these pastries. More recently, we also have examples in movies like A pastry shop in Tokyowhere the dorayakis They are a central element of the plot.

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A popular legend about its origin realize that he dorayaki was invented when a samurai forgot his gong in a house, a type of musical instrument called dora in Japanese. Upon finding it and not knowing very well what it was, the owner of the house used it to cook some pancakes, thus giving rise to the name and shape of the sweet. As a curiosity, before, the dorayakis They were open and the closed shape with two pancakes began to become popular at the beginning of the last century.

Returning to the preparation, the pancake dough It is a variation of the sponge cake kasutera, Also very popular in Japan but it is made in the oven, instead of grilled like the sweet that concerns us now. In fact, that is precisely what it indicates yaki, the second part of the name.

Finally, let me tell you that the filling can be purchased already prepared. Sweet bean paste is easily found in Asian supermarkets, although if you want to venture out and make it all from scratch, remember that we recently explained how to make anko home.

Recipe information

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 15 minutes
  • Total time: 25 minutes (plus 15 minutes of rest)
  • Rations: 3 units
  • Category: desserts
  • Type of cuisine: japanese
  • Calories per serving (kcal): 322

Dorayaki ingredients

  • 2 large eggs
  • 50g sugar
  • 20 g honey
  • 100 g pastry flour
  • ½ teaspoon chemical booster
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of water
  • A little sunflower oil or butter
  • 75g of anko (sweet red bean paste), chocolate cream or your favorite filling
Ingredients to make dorayakisDamian Serrano

How to make dorayakis

We start our recipe dorayakis Combine 2 large eggs, 50 g of sugar and 20 g of honey in a bowl.

Egg, sugar and honey for dorayakisDamian Serrano

We proceed to beat the mixture of eggs, sugar and honey until it is foamy. This step is important to achieve an airy texture in the dorayakis. We can do it by hand or with electric rods to make the task easier.

Frothy egg mixture for dorayakisDamian Serrano

Now, we add 100 g of previously sifted pastry flour to the mixture along with half a teaspoon of chemical impeller and 1 pinch of salt. To sift, simply pass everything through a sieve or, failing that, through a fine stainless steel strainer.

sift the flour for the dorayakisDamian Serrano

Gently mix the dry ingredients with the wet to form a uniform dough. We let the dough rest for 15 minutes and, after resting, we adjust the texture by adding a little water, about 3 or 4 tablespoons, so that the dough has the right consistency, neither too liquid nor too thick.

Dough to make dorayakisDamian Serrano

Now let’s cook the dorayaki. Heat a non-stick griddle or frying pan over medium-low heat and lightly grease it with sunflower oil or butter. The ideal is to remove excess fat by rubbing the pan with kitchen paper. We pour a couple of tablespoons of dough per tortilla and let them cook until they fill with bubbles on the surface, which indicates that it is time to turn them.

Cooking the dorayaki pancakesDamian Serrano

Once we have turned them over, we cook the dorayakis half a minute more. We will try not to overcook them so that they do not dry out and maintain their spongy texture.

Brown the dorayakis on the other sideDamian Serrano

Once the pancakes are ready, we are going to take about 75 g of anko, chocolate cream or the filling we have chosen and distribute it among 3 of the pancakes. It is important to distribute the filling especially in the center of each dorayaki.

Fill the dorayakisDamian Serrano

Finally, we cover the filled pancakes with the other pancakes and press the edges well to seal the filling inside. It is important that the filling stays in place and does not come close to the edges so that the dorayakis They remain with their characteristic shape, similar to a flying saucer. Once closed, they are ready to enjoy.

Close the dorayakisDamian Serrano

Easy Preparation Summary

  1. Mix eggs, sugar and honey
  2. Beat until the mixture is foamy
  3. Add the sifted flour along with the salt and the chemical booster.
  4. Mix gently, let sit for 15 minutes and adjust the texture with water
  5. Brown the dorayakis on a griddle over medium-low heat until bubbling
  6. Turn them over and cook for half a minute more.
  7. Spread the chosen filling over half
  8. Close with the other half, pressing the edges well.