Toffee candies: the recipe for making them soft and hard at home


Toffee candies: the recipe for making them soft and hard at home. The MOU candy they are simple and irresistible candies. They are prepared by mixing it sugar with the milk cold and then, once a thick and sticky mixture has been obtained, it is transferred into the appropriate molds and left to set for 2-3 hours, this forming small caramel-flavored delights.

Also known as toffee candiesare distinguished from the classic English toffees by the absence of butter and corn syrup, the soft and chewy texture and the taste which recalls that of dulce de leche. Traditionally, they’re shaped like a rectangular brick, but we’ve used some silicone moulds to obtain more regular shapes.

The caramel colour of these sweets does not derive from a real caramelization of the sugar at high temperatures – as in the case of salted caramel – but from a browning due to the Maillard reaction, which involves, in addition to sugars and temperature, also the milk proteins. In fact, the recipe does not first provide for the creation of the caramel, but rather a prolonged cooking of the milk combined with the sugar from the beginning.

Preparing them is really very easy, just follow a few tips. When cooking the mixture in the saucepan, for example, be careful of suddenness volume increase due to the temperature: therefore, stir continuously and eventually lower the flame or move the saucepan away from the heat for a few seconds.

For a perfect result, you need to carefully monitor the temperature and, for this reason, we advise you to equip yourself with a kitchen thermometer: to obtain soft toffee candies, in fact, the maximum temperature must be 120 °C; on the contrary, to make the hard version, you will have to cook longer and, above all, set a higher temperature.

Finally, remember that once ready and cooled, the candies must be kept away from humidity, so wrap them individually and tightly wrapped in small sheets of parchment paper.

Find out how to prepare toffee candies by following the recipe and advice step by step, and also try the gelée candies and marshmallows.

recipe information

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • cooking: 40 min
  • rest: 2-3 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Servings for: 4 people


WHOLE MILK – 500ml

How to make toffee candies


Step 1

To prepare the toffee, start by putting the milk in a saucepan with high edges: the mixture will in fact increase in volume 1.


Step 2

Add sugar 2 and mix cold.


Step 3

Also add the vanilla essence and bring to the boil. Cook the mixture on a constant flame, stirring constantly 3 and being careful not to let it simmer.


Step 4

As soon as the color appears golden, equip yourself with a cooking thermometer and monitor the temperature. When the latter has reached 120 °C, move the pot from the heat if you want to obtain soft toffee candies 4.


Step 5

Using a ladle, pour the mixture into silicone molds for chocolates and level everything with a spatula 5. Cool completely for 2-3 hours at room temperature (better to avoid the fridge).


Step 6

Unmold the candies and wrap them individually inside sheets of parchment paper: the toffee candies are ready to be enjoyed 6.

How to make hard toffee candies

If you want to prepare some hard toffee candiesuse the cooking thermometer and, once it has marked 120 °C, wait for the temperature to rise prolonging cooking of 2 minutes. Remember that the higher the temperature, the harder the candies will be. Then, follow the recipe as directed.

Tips and variations

If you want to get some toffee from the classic square form, you can pour the milk and sugar mixture into a rectangular pan of about 24×20 cm (silicone or lined with parchment paper) and level it so that it has a thickness of 2 cm. When it’s cold enough, but still soft, just cut it into 2 cm squares or, alternatively, use small circular pastry rings.

You can flavor candies according to your tastes: cinnamon, orange peel, coconut or pistachio grains, bitter cocoa powder are just a few ideas to try. Plus, if you don’t have to serve them to the kids, you can add a shot of witch liquor or rum.

Finally, to make your toffee sweets really special, try sprinkling them with some coarse salt before serving: you will get a deliciously balanced taste between sweet and salty.


The toffee can be kept at room temperature for more than 1 monthinside a tin container and in a cool, dry place.