Onader 9¾ x 12½ x 2 Inch Baking Pan with Lid 2 Pack Stainless Steel Lasagna Rectangular Cake Pan


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Onader mainly produces and sells bakeware, cookware, silverware, kitchen accessories, outdoor cooking tools and accessories for every family.

All our products are designed to strike a balance between beauty and practicality. They are crafted with excellent workmanship to make every product meet the high standards of quality requirements. After-sales service is always our focus. We strive to provide consumers with a full range of service support.

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Bake Evenly: it’s a heat-resistant baking pan that won’t bend or deform in the oven, flat bottom structure provides uniform heat distribution to bake good-tasting and good-looking food with less effort and time
Airtight Lids: lids closely fit the pan helps to keep food fresh in fridge or transport food for a picnic, transparent covers allow you to quickly find the food you want, 1¼-inch height lids increase space for intact cake storage
Nice Crafted: pan with well rolled edges prevents injuries to hands, slightly tapered sides make it easy to stack, round corners and brushed finish reduce food sticking for effortless cleaning, dishwasher safe
Versatile Pan: includes 2 pans and 2 lids, deep lasagna pan measures 12½ x 9¾ x 2 inch, it can be used as bakeware for baking cake, lasagna, meat, and as a container for storing fruit, vegetable, or leftover


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