KitchenAid Silicone Baking Mat, 8×12-Inch, Gray


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(as of Sep 18, 2023 13:11:13 UTC – Details)

This KitchenAid 8×12 Baking Mat is designed to fit snugly in a small KitchenAid Baking Sheet. The mat promotes even heat distribution, which results in better baking and great results every time. The mat is nonstick and heat-resistant to 500F, and takes the place of parchment paper or foil while baking. Dishwasher safe.
GREAT RESULTS: promotes even heat distribution for better baking
ECO-FRIENDLY: use in place of parchment paper or foil
DURABLE: nonstick and heat-resistant to 500F
DISHWASHER SAFE: for easy cleanup


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