10"x7" Parchment Paper, Non Stick, Pre-Cut, 50 Sheet


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Our Parchment Paper Pack consists of 50 pre-cut non-stick and heat resistant (up to 450 F) silicone coated sheets that are perfect for baking, food handling, packing, processing, tray lining, heat transfers, heat pressing, ironing, and more. The sheets are coated with silicone on both sides and can be reused up to 2-4 times.


Number of sheets: 50
Dimensions: 10 x 7 inches
Thickness: 35lbs / 52gsm

NON-STICK, WATERPROOF: Sheets are coated with silicone, making them nonstick, water-proof, and grease-proof.
KEEP BAKING DISHES AND TRAYS CLEAN: Parchment paper keeps food and oils off of baking pans making it easy to clean them afterwards
PRECUT FLAT SHEETS: The paper comes pre-cut into 10″ x 7″ sheets that lay perfectly flat on a tray or working surface.


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